• 2019, a scrambly review

    2019, a scrambly review

    2019, one scrambly year of game dev A year ago, I was working on pixel art landscapes, dreaming of making my own game.. then I hopped to it! Early last year I started working on a game in order to learn some 3D art skills, flex my writin’ muscles and meet people. I’ve done at…

  • who is mentalpop?

    who is mentalpop?

    Hey you! I’m mentalpop or Kaitlyn. I’m an artist, a writer and a game dev. At Ryerson University, I received my degree in Radio and TV Broadcasting (Media Production) and minored in English. I’m your local Celestial Web Goth here to lace your afternoon tea with some storytelling and inclusive design. It’s non-toxic, but the…