Bright Clouds


TRANSMISSION RECEIVED: Heaven’s grasping reach, clawing at Earth’s limitations A background, for you. BUY IT HERE!

Violet & Turqoise

Weewoo is a project focused around merging sound with story. By not being bound to any specific genre, Weewoo has been able to weave elements of both creative mediums into cohesive works. With each track adding to the narrative, spanning from progressive house to heavy brostep, your journey in the surreal world will prove to be unpredictable and unforgiving. Alternative …


TRANSMISSION RECEIVED: Feeling like you’re a extra screw for an ikea shelf, a loose cog of a well oiled machine, a fish that never found its school, a rogue planet hurtling through space. An outsider. Welcome to the Astraquarium. BUY IT HERE!

Rain over Carbon Valley

TRANSMISSION RECEIVED: Rain batters the megacity, Carbon Valley. The crime ridden, insomniac city that somehow manages to twinkle under the right amount of pressure. BUY IT HERE!