Hey you!

I’m mentalpop or Kaitlyn. I’m an artist, a writer and a game dev.

I’ve been passionate about game design and storytelling ever since I was a little girl living in the far North, sounding out the sentences as I played Ocarina of Time.

At Ryerson University, I received my degree in Radio and TV Broadcasting (Media Production) and minored in English.


In my art, I take advantage of principals that are typically found in game design, like providing intricate detail and layering small unique features into a cohesive ‘world’, then I define all of the logic that makes it tick. I like to reward the eye for drifting in to the furthest corners of an image, or for following a trail of breadcrumbs.


Growing up, there was nothing more touching than to get deep into the worlds of my games, spending dozens of devoted hours getting to know them and still being able to turn over a rock in a far flung place, uncovering yet another secret and to realize that not only did an artist place that there, for me, but that this is something special that connects me with everyone else who cared enough to turn over the rock as well.


My games and stories reflect that there’s nothing more punk than being riddled with anxiety and self doubt. They aim to show where there are weak links in governance and law, to illustrate how under representation can give people the shortest end of the stick and to show that it absolutely is within our power to affect change.