My Services

(well, some of them)

Script Writing

Narrative Design
Dialogue Writing
Script Doctoring
Sensitivity Reading

Pixel art

Social Media Banners
Album Art
Game Sprites
Concept Art
Character Design

Content Production

Audio/Video Editing
Podcast Editing
Website Development
Project Management

Pixel Prices

(Alas, they're CLOSED so let's enjoy the posterity)

Pixel Sprites

  • a sprite:
    16 x 16
    32 x 32
    64 x 64
    128 x 128

    + $20
    + 3 days

Shoot me a hoot

Pixel Scenes

  • an environment:
    a small scene based on your specifications.
    Perfect for backgrounds, cover images, avatars, etc.

    + $35
    + 3 days

Call me, maybe

Game Assets

  • assets:
    a set of sprites,
    tile sheets (16x, 32x) or
    UI elements

    email me with details about your project or idea!

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