Low Poly Flowers

After a mysterious break in of the Tschermak Tellurian Seed Vault, varieties of flowers never seen before in Scrap Heap began popping up. (From Grabby Hands.)


Scrap Heap Heights

A small town of stolen technology, built atop a sleepy mountain plateau. This’s a town in Grabby Paws (Lead Everyone Astray).  


Diving into Low Poly

After years of successfully convincing myself I wasn’t ‘good’ at 3D art, I gave it a serious try and I LOVE IT. This is a small collection of assets I’ve been working on to learn Blender with. They’re part of the world of Grabby Paws (Lead Everyone Astray).

Aiden’s Apartment

Do you like snappy puns, shitty graffiti and telling people to fuck right off? You’d probably get along with the hitman who owns this place.