Writing excerpt

As you step out onto the balcony of the research facility, you see the sprawling city below you. Your city. The city you grew up in with your friends and family. Where you fell and skinned your knees learning how to ride a bike, where you felt rejection for the very first time, where your first kiss was.

It hits you that the city is completely still. Nothing moves, not even a breeze… which you think like you SHOULD feel , given that you’re so high up off the ground.

The sky isn’t how you left it. Where normally the sky is clear, light blue and open, above you, the clouds look like they’ve been fashioned into the biggest funnel you’ve ever seen. Directly up is a still black vortex. The arms look like tentacles reaching out and twisting around the domed cloud cage. It doesn’t move. Nothing moves. Outside of this black vortex, the clouds spiral outward and stretch out over the horizon.

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